Custom Battery Pack Features:

  • SMBus solutions
  • Available in all Lithium, Nickel, and lead based chemistries
  • Electronic design services
  • On board charging circuitry
  • Mechanical design including molded plastic enclosures
  • Encryption / Authentication circuitry

Custom Smart Battery Pack Assembly

As a custom battery pack manufacturer for over 40 years, Cell-Con designs and assembles custom battery packs with the simplest requirements to those with highly complex specifications. Whether the custom battery pack assembly is a smart (SMBus, CANbus, I2C) or a basic design, has low or high capacity specifications, in low or high production volumes, we provide custom battery assemblies and solutions that are designed specifically for your medical, military and industrial battery applications.

Our extensive experience as a battery pack manufacturer allows us to provide portable power solutions to our customers, many of which are OEM’s. We will work with you throughout all phases of the design process including component selection, product development, prototyping, and testing, ending with mass production. Cell-Con’s team of battery experts’ knowledge of lithium ion (li-ion), lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), and lead acid battery chemistries allow us to design a custom battery pack solution that is ideal for the application.

If on board charging is required, we can provide a solution with ease. Acting as the single source for both the battery pack and the smart battery charger, we guarantee proper functionality and interaction within the entire system.

When mechanical design assistance is needed, we are here to help. Our team of in-house designers and partners have the skills required to provide a unique, custom battery enclosure that is both cost effective and matches the criteria of your end use protocol.

To ensure outstanding performance, we only partner with name-brand, reputable manufacturers, and suppliers. Cells, circuit boards, and all other components used in our products are of the highest quality and performance.