Li-Ion Cell Features:

  • High energy density, lightweight, high capacity
  • Capable of over 500 cycles
  • No ‘memory effect’, providing a complete charge with each cycle
  • Flat discharge voltage, providing stable power during usage

Li-ion Smart Battery Packs

Lithium-Ion battery packs are the preferred power solution for today’s portable equipment. Portable device applications typically require the inclusion of power interaction functionality more than ever before.

Cell-Con will provide a custom Lithium-Ion smart battery pack solution that utilizes SMBus / CANbus / I2C for communications between the battery, host device, and charger. Smart battery assemblies include an electronic circuit with a microprocessor to provide fuel gauging functionality (available run time / capacity). Data such as cycle count, usage patterns, battery ID, battery type, serial number, date of manufacture, and other useful information are all integral to the smart pack.

Additional customization can be incorporated onto the same board as the battery management to streamline the assembly. On-board charging, protection circuitry, and authentication / encryption coding will be implemented during the design stages of board development. If mechanical design assistance is required, our Engineering team will design a plastic enclosure to protect the pack and provide a unique, customized appearance.

To complete the power solution, we can develop a custom charging solution, or provide a charger from our offering of stocked Li-ion battery chargers.