Product Design

Upon receipt of your product specification and performance criteria, we will work through all phases of design including initial conceptualization, product development, prototyping, testing, refinement, and delivery. Our engineering team will identify proper electronic components and design custom smart PCBs to ensure safe and proper functionality of your battery pack. From a mechanical standpoint, we will provide a plastic enclosure design that will properly protect the internal core pack and engage seamlessly within your product. Our in-house 3D printing capabilities allow us to efficiently provide physical samples quickly and easily. Product testing and cycling efforts confirm the performance of our designs prior to shipment to you.

Regulatory Testing

Should your specification require our products be tested by third party regulatory test agencies, we are able to coordinate the effort from initial quoting to receipt of approval certifications. With our volume of historic product submittals, we understand how to streamline the process, making sure all requirements are met on time and the entire process is completed expeditiously. Our engineering team will produce the samples necessary for testing in house, following the requirements of the test specification. We have established valued relationships with multiple test labs and work closely with them throughout the testing process for products submitted for approvals including UL, TUV, UNDOT 38.3, and many others.

Product Testing

Our fleet of automated battery pack functional testing equipment (ATE) has grown and evolved over the years, allowing us to provide thoroughly tested batteries to our customers. All battery packs we manufacture are checked for open circuit voltage, charge overvoltage, discharge overcurrent, fast charge functionality, pack temperature sensing, pack impedance, and parameter limit testing. ATE’s evaluate sophisticated fuel gauge-based battery packs utilizing SMBus, I2C, HDQ, and CAN protocols. Verification of proper communication, serial number, DOM, RSOC, ME, IT, proper calibration, LED / pushbutton switch functionality, and V / I / T values are all confirmed. Test data is logged in a database and stored for future reference.

Stocked Inventory

Cell-Con offers and maintains an extensive inventory of Lithium Ion, LiFePO4, NiMH, and lead acid battery chargers here in the USA. All chargers have been third party tested, many of which have UL-60601-1 approval for use within the medical equipment industry. Because these battery chargers are in stock, lower quantity orders are typically available for immediate shipment. Larger volume / blanket orders are welcome and scheduled to meet delivery demands on single or multiple release schedules. If a standard design requires customization, modifications can typically be made in-house with minimal effect on lead time.