Project Information Worksheet

Li-Ion cell features:

  • SMBus communication
  • Fuel gauge integration
  • Battery Pack Protection
  • Cell balancing functionality
  • Authentication / encryption coding

Stock Smart Battery Packs

Ready- to- use battery packs for multiple applications with worldwide approvals. Reduced development cost and speed to market are two primary benefits of working with a stock smart battery. Some of the functionality advances of a smart battery are the ability to provide the device with information about its power status so that the device can conserve power intelligently.

A smart battery can report errors, manage charging, predicting remaining run time and inform the device of low-charge conditions, provide temperature, voltage and current information.

With embedded electronics the smart battery is viewed as a power system that increases safety, functionality and cycle life of the battery. Our selection of chargers include single and two bay versions.


SMBus is a single-ended simple two-wire bus for the purpose of lightweight communication; a protocol that allows multiple nodes to respond to unique addresses. Externally the smart battery can communicate with a smart battery charger and a smart energy
user via the bus interface. SMBus provides flexible functionality and helps reduce hardware cost.


  • Medical
  • Instrumentation
  • Robotics
  • Defense
  • IoT & Wearables

Additional Benefits:

  • Dual sourcing strategy
  • Design-in support
  • Worldwide availability
  • No NRE
  • No obsolescence
  • Highest quality & performance

Part # Voltage Capacity Watt hour Dimensions Weight
D91120 3.7V 2.0Ah @7.4Wh 53 x 35 x 11mm 50g
D91130 3.8V 3.88Ah 14.7Wh 84 x 61 x 6.8mm 75g
D92057 7.2V 6.90Ah 49.7Wh 85 x 77 x 23mm 240g
D92040 10.80V 3.35Ah 36.20Wh 85 x 59 x 22mm 170g
D92040-2 10.80V 6.90Ah 74.52Wh 151 x 59 x 22mm 350g
D92020 10.80V 9.22Ah 99.6Wh 149 x 89 x 19.7mm 490g
D92140 11.4V 3.88Ah 44.2Wh 213 x 86 x 8mm 245g
D92130 7.6V 3.88Ah 29.4Wh 150 x 86 x 8mm 172g
D92024 14.4V 6.6Ah 95Wh 167.5 x 107.5 x 21.5mm 590g
D92054-2 14.4V 6.9Ah 99.4Wh 150.4 x 77.4 x 22.35mm 430g
D92054 14.4V 3.45Ah 49.7Wh 85 x 77 x 23mm 240g
D92037 7.20V 3.35Ah 24.12Wh 85.39 x 41.99 x 22.40mm 124g

Part # Input Output Charge Wattage Dimensions Weight
**D90515 100-240VAC 0-17.4VDC 4A 50W 120 x 64 x 43mm 110g
**D90481 100-240VAC 0-16.8VDC 4A 65W 151 x 90 x 43mm 198g
D90522 5VDC 4.2VDC 1A 5W 40.6 x 76 x 12.6mm 15g
D90529 5VDC 4.35VDC 1A 5W 67 x 107 x 9mm 25g
D90552 100-240VAC 0-17.40VDC 3.4A 2 x 30W 155 x 75 x 43mm 325g
D90554 11-32VDC 24VDC 1A 90W continous 115 x 54 x 22mm 250g
D90513 1-24VDC max. 240W max. up to 10A max. 240W max. 60 x 50 x 11mm 22g
D90558 19-26VDC 0-17.4VDC 0-4A 40W 88.5 x 38.5 x 19.9mm 36g

Part # Description
D90508 SMB Cable
D90534 SMBus Reader
D90536 & D90537 90º / 180º Mating Connectors for standard smart batteries
D90555 & D90556 90º Mating Connectors for D92130 / D92140 batteries
D90553 Mating Connectors for D91120 / D91130
D90575 180º mating connector for D935XX batteries