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Thank you in advance for providing details on your battery / charger application. It is our standard policy to qualify the application before development to ensure the battery / charger is suitable solutions for the project at hand. Please provide as much information about the application as possible.Battery and Charger Information Sheet

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    Expected cycle life:

    Desired charge time:

    Average discharge rate / duration:

    Max / pulse discharge rate / duration:

    Charge / discharge / storage temperature:

    Humidity range:

    Fuel gauge requirement: YesNo

    Battery low voltage cutoff mechanism within end product: YesNo

    Thermistor included: YesNo

    Physical configuration of pack:

    Maximum dimensions of battery pack:

    Maximum weight of battery pack:

    Battery enclosure (enclosure, shrink wrap, etc.):

    If using an injection molded enclosure, do you require mechanical design assistance: YesNo

    Output termination (connector, wire length, pogo pins, etc.):

    Custom labeling requirements:

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