Custom Large Format Batteries

The volume of wireless powered products requiring a large format battery solution continues to grow exponentially in today’s marketplace. Our experience and dedication to providing batteries for these applications allows Cell-Con to be a major provider of high wattage solutions to a vast range of customer applications.

Over the years we have designed, developed, and delivered battery solutions ranging from 300Wh to 30kWh and beyond. Depending upon customer specifications and requirements, LiFePO4, Li-ion, and NiMH cells have been utilized in the final design of our batteries.

SMBus, CANBus, or I2C protocols are all options utilized for communication within our batteries. Battery protection, balancing, upper and lower voltage protection, fuel gauging are all features our battery designs include.

To mechanically secure the battery, we will develop a rugged design to protect it from damage during usage.

All batteries are fully tested for proper functionality and performance.

Our proprietary large format battery Automated Test Equipment confirms proper functionality of communication, parameter verification, functional V/I/T acquisition, calibration, LED function, and data logging.


Custom, Large Format Batteries

Up to 30kWh, Designed and Built by Cell-Con, Inc.

LiFePO4 - 16S5P

51.2V, 19Ah, 973Wh

Robotics Industry

LiFePO4 - 16S5P

52.8V, 22.5Ah,1.2kW

Unmanned Vehicle

Li-ion - 9S9P

28.8V, 34.2Ah, 985Wh

Medical Lift

NiMH - 37S1P

44.4V, 11Ah, 488Wh

Underwater Application

LiFePO4 - 16S7P

51.2V, 26.6Ah, 1.4kW

Off-Grid Power

LiFePO4 - 16S3P

51.2V, 11.1Ah, 568Wh

Military Application

LiFePO4 - 8S15P

25.6V, 51Ah, 1.3kW

Sensor / Detection

LiFePO4 - 8S5P

25.6V, 12.5Ah, 320Wh

Medical Application

LiFePO4 - 8S3P

25.6V, 11.4Ah, 292Wh

Utilities Application

LiFEPO4 - 8S7P

25.6V, 26.6Ah, 681Wh

Tracking / Detection

Li-ion - 24S6P

86.4V, 19.2Ah, 1.7kW

Unmanned Vehicle

LiFePO4 - 16S3P

52.8V, 7.5Ah, 396Wh

Portable Generator