Standard Features Include:

  • CE, UL-60601-1 medically approved models
  • Universal input (90-264VAC / 47-63Hz) for worldwide use
  • Desktop and wall plug in versions
  • 3 step charge control
  • 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V versions available
  • Current detection or timer charge termination
  • Protected against reverse polarity and short circuit
  • Customized versions available

Lead Acid Battery Chargers

Cell-Con provides a safe and effective Lead Acid battery charger solution for charging SLA batteries using a 3-step charge algorithm. In the first phase, the charger will fill the battery to 80-90% capacity. Once at this level, the charger goes into the second phase to fill the remaining 10-20% of capacity until a low-level current is detected or a timer expires (depending upon the specific model). The third and final phase reduces the charge current to a safe level where the battery can be left attached to the charger indefinitely.

Unlike traditional ‘taper’ chargers, Cell-Con Lead Acid battery chargers utilize a constant current level in the first mode. When the battery voltage rises to the maximum cycle voltage during charging, the chargers do not immediately change to float mode. Instead, the charger will look for a low-level current (current detection) or the expiration of time to terminate constant voltage mode. When the constant voltage mode begins, the battery is already charged to 80-90% of full capacity and can be used at this point if desired. Allowing phase two to conclude ensures that the battery will receive the remaining 10-20% capacity.

Once the low-level current is detected, or the timer expires, the constant voltage level of the Lead Acid battery charger is reduced to a safe value (going into float mode) where the battery can be left on indefinitely without risk of overcharge.

Series # Wattage Charge Rate Capacity Range Input Configuration Dimensions
452240-S 16W 500mA – 1.3A 1.5Ah – 12Ah 90-264VAC desktop 3.5” x 1.75” x 1.75”
452241-S 16W 500mA – 1.3A 1.5Ah – 12Ah 90-264VAC wall plug in 4” x 1.75” x 1.5”
452541-S* 35W 1.2A – 2.2A 4.5Ah – 60Ah 90-264VAC desktop 4.25” x 2.64” x 1.5”
452544-S 35W 1.2A – 2.7A 10Ah – 25Ah 10-30VDC desktop 4.25” x 2.64” x 1.5”
452440-S 60W 2.5A – 4A 20Ah – 200Ah 90-264VAC desktop 5.31” x 3.15” x 1.73”
453240-S 103W 3.5A – 7A 60Ah – 150Ah 110VAC desktop 6.25” x 3.25” x 1.75”
459740-S 120W 2.5A – 10A 40Ah – 400Ah 110VAC desktop 7.25” x 6.75” x 2.5”
452745-S 300W 10A – 20A 100Ah – 1000Ah 120VAC desktop 8.5” x 7.35” x 5.5”
453540-S 300W 10A – 20A 100Ah – 1000Ah 110 – 120VAC desktop 8.27” x 4.45” x 2.09”
453743-S 16W 560mA – 1.5A 1.5Ah – 15Ah 90 – 264VAC WPI or desktop 4.25” x 2.00” x 1.12”
453546-S 28W 1A – 2A 4Ah – 60Ah 90 – 264VAC WPI or desktop 4.88” x 2.00” x 1.46”