Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell Features:

  • Very safe, Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry
  • High discharge current capability
  • Better performance than li-ion @ 60C temperature
  • Capable of over 2000 cycles, 3+ year shelf life
  • Environmentally friendly

LiFePO4 Smart Battery Packs

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) provide users with a safe, powerful, long lasting power solution. The LiFePO4 cell has become one of the primary cell choices for top manufacturers of demanding equipment in today’s portable product marketplace.

Cell-Con will provide a custom Lithium Iron Phosphate smart battery assembly that utilizes SMBus, CANbus, or I2C for communication between the host device, battery, and charger. Smart battery packs include a microprocessor driven electronic circuit that provides valuable data integral to a smart pack including remaining run time, cycle count, serial numbers, date of manufacturer, and other useful information.

In addition to battery management protocol, additional functionality can be added to the sameboard to further customize the assembly. On board charging, protection circuitry, and encryption / authentication coding are all options that can be included within the same solution.

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery packs (LiFePO4) are extremely powerful, capable of providing high discharge rates even at elevated temperatures. Safety is improved over other lithium-ion chemistries due to its thermal and chemical stability.

LiFePO4 cells are long lasting and boast a 3+ year shelf life due to its slower decline of energy density. Battery packs can provide 2000+ cycles, which could outlast the product it is powering!

In addition to numerous features Li-Iron Phosphate battery packs provide, the chemistry is also very ‘green’. Cells utilize no harmful heavy metals and can be recycled. The high cycle count promotes longer usage in devices, as opposed to cells made from other chemistries that cease functioning at a much lower count.